2015 Best Movie Award │ Nominated in Four Categories, What are Park Yuchun’s Possibilites of Winning the Award?


The only movie award whereby the the nominees and winners are solely named by the audience, Max Movie’s 2015 Best Film Awards’ preliminary nominees voting is in full swing. The closing date for the first round of voting was the day before yesterday. A total of 70,138 people (by 10:10PM) in the middle of voting, <Haemoo> made it into 4 categories.

Currently in the first round of voting, in the Best Male Actor category, though <Haemoo> Park Yuchun is in the running, <Roaring Current> Choi Minsik is at first place (20,295 votes), <Ode to My Father> Hwang Jungmin (10,248 votes), <Miss Granny> Jinyoung (7,475 votes) followed by the fourth place with a record of 4,173 votes. For Best Supporting Female <Haemoo> Han Yeri (4,037 votes), <Miss Granny> Na Moonhee (9,828 votes) followed by Shim Eunkyung (4,633 votes) occupying the 3rd place. But at present the margin between 2nd place <Miss Granny> Shim Eunkyung , <Haemoo> Han Yeri in the 3rd place and <Ode to My Father> Ra Miran (4,008 votes) is small and it is expected to be a close
match for the 2nd place winner. <Haemoo> has been also been named as nominee for ‘Best Trailer’ and ‘Best Poster’ award. In the category of ‘Best Trailer’, it is in the 4th place with 4,225 votes and 5th place in the ‘Best Poster’ category with 3,950 votes currently.

Meanwhile, new candidates which were not in the first round of voting has been added into the second round. Precisely the category for Best Rookie Actor Award that is selected through the in-depth review by the movie expert press corps. Last year there was a fierce competition in the Best Rookie Actor category and in the second round, the votes for <Haemoo> Park Yuchun is likely to rise. Park Yuchun who made his debut through the film <Haemoo> attained a grand slam in the movie awards last year. Indeed Park Yuchun has been named the candidate for Best Male Rookie Actor award in the second round of votings. There is an expectation as to whether he will be able to enjoy the same pleasure in the 2015 Max Movie Best Film Awards which is directly nominated by the audience.

Audiences who are interested in participating in the voting for the 2015 Best Film Award may participate by through a member login access in the maxaward.maxmovie.com website and m.maxaward.maxmovie.com mobile site. For the web version, for one ID, only 1 vote per day is possible while for mobile, one number may vote twice per day.

Source: http://news.maxmovie.com/movie_info/sha_news_view.asp?mi_id=MI0100806356

Translated by @yochwennie

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