[TRANS] Park Seojoon, “Scandal? It’s Better for the Mental Health to Not Bother About It.” – Part 1



An actor who’s running at high value lately. It’s none other than Park Seojoon. He’s busy as much as he’s popular.  This year alone he appeared in three productions; MBC ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, the movie ‘Chronicles of Evil’ and ‘She Was Pretty’. Exactly when can Park Seojoon, the busy bee be able to get in a relationship?

“I really want to be in a relationship, but because I’m really busy I haven’t gotten the time to do so. I’m the type of person who only focuses on one thing once I dive into it. Shouldn’t it be some day?



Despite Park Seojoon who has so much determination for acting, perhaps it’s because of your popularity, you had scandal out of the blue. And that’s like, twice.

“Of course I was concerned about it. Even so, I did not feel the need to explain every single word. Now, I’ve become the type of person who will just breeze through it. Letting scandals and rumors blunt will seems better for my mental health (laughs). Even in the future, there’s no way to stop rumors from flying around, right?”



Rumors have it that the hobby and specialty of Park Seojoon who is not dating and who is working without a break is acting.

“Even resting for only a month, I’ll have this thought, ‘What am I doing now?’. It seems like acting has become my hobby and specialty now. Even when my body feels tired, acting itself is actually fun. If there is a good film/drama, I think there’s no possibility of me not taking it up.”


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