[EXCERPT] Park Seojoon, “First Love Was in Middle School. No Time for Relationships Currently and On the Verge of Giving Up.”


When asked about his first love, Park Seojoon began by saying, “I don’t recall either. People say that the one first love isn’t the first love, but I don’t know when my first love was either.”

Park Seojoon explained, “I think my first love was in middle school. I won’t deny that I would like to express that it was not pure love, but I think it was the type of pure love which a student could possibly feel in his adolescence. If that cannot be termed as pure love, then I have no words to describe it.”

When asked about his current dating status, Park Seojoon confessed, “I don’t know. I want to give up. Now doesn’t seem like the right time. The work that I have right now is more important, so I won’t have time for (dating) if I continue doing what I’m doing. I’m even too busy to take care of myself.”

He added, “Since I live alone, the laundry piles up over the nights and the dishes are left undone. When I’m about to do it, my body feel so tired as if I’m dying. Each time I can’t complain to my parents, so I shabbily do them on my own. I do all the house chores on my own. At times like these, I feeling of what it’s like to live alone hits me strongly.  I wonder what I’m doing. Even this morning, I did those left behind dishes before coming out. I prepared and had some simple food, but it didn’t turn out very well.”


Source Nate



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