Park Seojoon is Envious, “I Confessed to Han Hyojoo, but the Kissing Scene was Done by Someone Else.”

Actor, Park Seojoon considers “Hyejin-ah” as the most memorable line in ‘She Was Pretty.’

Following Showbiz Korea on Arirang TV this 24th, this week’s main star of Star Date is actor Park Seojoon who emerged as a rising actor following his appearance in two movies and two dramas this year. ‘Showbiz Korea’ selected Park Seojoon as ‘Actor of the Year.’ A trophy and special gift will be presented to him.

Park Seojoon said, “’Hyejin-ah’ seems like the loveliest yet sad line. In the drama, it looks like the calling of that name gave importance to many scenes in the drama,” causing the hearts of the female population in the nation who has the name Hyejin to flutter.

Park Seojoon added, “My friend’s mother’s name is also Hyejin. And her last name is Kim. Therefore each time my friend watches the drama, he’s amused,” revealing the behind-the-scene story.

Park Seojoon’s appearance as the character, Woojin in the movie ‘Beauty Inside’ which premiered before ‘She Was Pretty’ left a huge impact in the first half of the movie.

With regards to this, Park Seojoon said, “I liked ‘Beauty Inside’ because it has an unusual subject matter. I filmed scene-by-scene being worried by the thought that if I do not do well, then the other characters of Woojin which appear after that will not be able to connect. He revealed the precautions he took for the movie.

“The character of Woojin which I played was the one who made the confession, but the kissing scene was filmed by another character of Woojin. I became envious when I saw the filming,” Park Seojoon said, and laughed, “Perhaps because I was too immersed in it.”

He was active in TV shows and movies spanning across the movie ‘Chronicles of Evil’ and MBC ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ which came before ‘She Was Pretty’ and ‘Beauty Inside’. He’s 28 years-old this year.

“Being 28 is nothing special, but it means a lot to me. A year has already passed. One year went by so quickly, and this one year has been precious. As I won’t be able to return to being 28, the words, ‘He’s only 28’ are precious to me,” said Park Seojoon who has had a happier 2015 than anyone else.

In addition to that, Park Seojoon will answer the questions of overseas fans from different countries with Showbiz Korea. Especially when asked, “Why are you so handsome?” Park Seojoon replied, “I’m Korean. The preference of fans overseas should be different, but it’s amazing that they think I’m good-looking.” The show will broadcast on this 26th at 10 p.m.


Source TV Daily

Translated by @hisumbrella (Twitter). Please take out with credits.





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