[TRANS] The Colors of Park Seojun – Interview with Tenasia (Part 1)


Q: ‘She Was Pretty’ has ended. Has it sunk in?

PSJ: As I need not go to the filming site anymore, it has sunk in that the drama has ended. During the final stages of filming as I was able to see the end, I only thought that it would be great if it ended quickly. We started filming when the weather was hot and I couldn’t sleep much, so it was physically taxing. Anyway, I’m glad that it ended well.


Q: You filmed two dramas and two movies this year. It seems like you have been working without rest all year round.

PSJ: Instead of the greed in work, it’s more of me having an empty feeling if I don’t work. It feels as if I have to do something. I’ve come to adapt to that.


Q: Are you a workaholic like Ji Seongjun?

PSJ: I think my objective differs from Assistant Editor Ji. Ji Seongjun wants to make Most Korea the first and wants to prevent the magazine from discontinuation, but for me, I really like acting so I spend my time at the filming site.


Q: What is it that you like about ‘She Was Pretty’?

PSJ: The script was interesting. It has been a long time since I come across a sitcom-like romantic comedy. Moreover, the character of Ji Seongjun which was ascribed to me was a guy with ferocious temper in the first half, but he didn’t seem to remain that way throughout. Hence, I was curious as to how the story would untangle. In addition, I was curious about how I could portray myself if I were to take up a character like this at this time.


Q: Can you please explain what you meant by, ‘A character like this at this time’?

PSJ: I gain experience and worked my way up the ladder to where I am now. I thought this is the time when I can take up a lead role in a film. The beginning is very important, isn’t it? I think the time for Park Seojun to take up a full-fledged lead starts now. That’s why I chose my next project very carefully.


Q: Prior to this, you said that between ‘Something that will turn out well’ and ‘Something I can do well in’, you chose the latter.

PSJ: People look at dramas which have the potential to do well when it comes to casting and feasibility/value, don’t they? Instead of that, I do what I want to do. Even if I do something which I think will turn out well, if the outcome is not good, my position as an actor will take the blow. However, if I do something which I want to do, even if the outcome is not good, I can still accept it. I must respect my own choice and the sense of satisfaction is great.


Q: Looking at the upward trend of viewer ratings, Ji Seongjun was Park Seojun’s ‘something I can do well in’.

PSJ: I did not expect that viewer ratings would turn out so well. I always wish that my projects will do well. I also feel a sense responsibility towards my works. Even this time as I take on the lead role and having to lead this piece, I felt that I was responsible for it. However, in this world whatever happens after a film is released it is no longer within my territory [T/N: not within his control]. Publicity and word of mouth are not things that I can do. Acting my character is what I should do. In my role, I work hard to express what I think. On top of that, I lightly examine the response of viewers towards the shortcomings of my acting.


Q: Nevertheless, people have their own preferences. If you continue to do what you want to do, wouldn’t there be a tendency to lean on just one side?

PSJ: Rather than deliberately choosing the same characters, I keep my options open when it comes to different roles. I merely worry if the role fits the size of my bowl and if I am able to understand the role. If the role is one that I can do and I like, I will choose it. I am not able to act in a role which I cannot understand.


To be continued…

Source Tenasia

Translated by  @hisumbrella (Twitter), @sj_umbrella (Instagram)





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